Doin’ That Rag

Hey now! I am Tim (aka Tie Dye Tim, Hippy Tim, Smiley and other unmentionables…). I started making tie dyes back in 1989 or so as a way to make money on Grateful Dead tour. At first, it was spirals.

I quickly got bored of spirals, after all, there is only so much you can do with them, and started experimenting with different folds and pleating. Over the years I have learned a lot about dye viscosity, fabric thread counts and moisture, curing times, resists, the list goes on…

What you will find here is the culmination of 30 years, give or take, of discolored hands, ruined garage floors, a fair share of oops  and some very pleasing discoveries. I have a style although I try to break away from the norm and stretch the boundaries of dying to the fullest.

I hope that you find my dyes attractive. I do my best to put as much love as I can muster into each one.